Gold Britannia Coin



Gold Britannia Coin –  The 1oz Gold Britannia is the best selling of all the 1oz gold bullion coins in the United Kingdom. It has a fineness of 9999 or 24 carat. Each coin is stamped with imagery of Britannia symbolising British strength and power.


Gold Britannia Coin 1oz


Gold Britannia Coin – The obverse of the coin is stamped with a image of Queen Elizabeth with crown and the nominal value of 100 pounds running along the edge of the coin. This side of the coin was designed by Jody Clark.


Gold Britannia Coin – Features an image of Britannia carrying a shield stamped with the Union flag and  an olive branch with a trident symbolising Britain’s naval history. The shield represents Britain’s strength and the olive branch is the traditional symbol of peace. This side of the coin was designed by Philip Nathan.

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Weight 31.1034768 g